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Bread Making for Beginners

Always wanted to bake your own bread but don't know where to start? Well, we're here to help!

Learn how to make your first loaf from start to finish and get all the bread recipes you need to start your bread making journey for only $7!!

    On sale today for only $7

    “Loved it! Was so scared to make bread, but with this book, it took me step by step through it all, and now I can make bread whenever I want! Thank you!”



    What you get:

    • A step by step guide to making bread from scratch
    • More than 15 bread recipes to start your journey
    • Troubleshooting and advice for when things don't go as planned
    • Artisan techniques and more advanced recipes for when you're ready to move on to bigger challenges

    What is it all about?

    Bread making was once a staple in every home, but it's a dying art. Most people have never baked their own bread, but it's such a rewarding thing to do. And it tastes SO good!!!

    In this 46 page book, Kimberley walks you through the how, with exactly what is happening to your bread at each stage so you can adjust if you need to. She also shows you how to make most of the products you would eat at home, such as pizza dough and buns, with more advanced recipes like brioche and sourdough, including a step by step guide to making your own sourdough starter!!

    So get yours for the low price of $7 and start your bread journey today..